Europeans are being attacked once again as they were by Attila the Hun and Turkish grand vizier, Kara Mustafa in the distant past. In both previous cases, the aim of the invaders was domination, subjugation or death. The current campaign, launched by Islam, is a stealth Jihad, the movement of millions of migrants—mostly military-age men—from Asia, the Middle East and Africa to Europe and North America.

They have been aided and abetted by a vocal group of left-leaning, globalist activists, so-called Social Justice Warriors, who defame and disparage European nationalists wherever and whenever they make public statements.

These activists are found in the media, academia, churches, non-governmental agencies, and in government itself. Indeed, the greatest problem faced by nationalists today is that most northern governments are pursuing policies of mass immigration.

Severnej, which means “Northern” in Slovakian, is part of the push-back by white nationalists in Europe, North America and Australia.

In the coming days, details on how you can help will be rolled out here and in sites and organizations we support. Stay with us and stay strong.




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Around the world, various individuals, academics, journalists and politicians are attempting to silence nationalists, populists and white identarians by calling them racists, nativists, fascists and white supremacists. In too many cases, this has resulted in de-platforming nationalists, removing their social media presence, defunding them and ultimately firing them from their jobs. In many cases the …


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